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Flexineb E3 Portable Equine Nebulizer – Adult Horse Size


Flexineb E3 is the latest version of the most effective, easy-to-use, silent, portable  & cost-effective horse nebulizer available on the market.

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The Flexineb unit comes in your choice of color: BLUE or PINK. Please select color from the below drop-down.

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The Flexineb 3 (Adult Size) is a highly effective equine nebulizer, that is portable and silent, and is the recommended delivery system for BioPro Armour.

This nebulizer is able to convert our products, and also other prescribed medications and supplements, into small enough particles enabling them to directly reach the lower respiratory system. Click here for more information on how important particle size is.

NEW E3 Features

In addition to all the other benefits listed below, the newest version of Flexineb E3 is proud to possess the following new features:

• 3 user-selectable modes depending on the supplement/medication being administered
• Improved auto-tuning and dry med cup detection to optimize performance
• Automatic switch-off after 35 minutes
• 6-hour battery life

Flexineb is…

Simple & Compact

The unit’s soft mask fits easily over the horse’s face and may be secured with the included strap. There are no additional tubes, valves or cords to entangle the horse, making it suitable to be used while the horse is walking, which encourages deeper respiratory function. (See image of Nuclear Imagery study displaying deep lung penetration with Flexineb).


A full dose of BioPro Armour may be administered in 5 minutes and 10 millilitres of saline is aerosolized in less than 10 minutes.


Unlike most nebulizers on the market, the Flexineb is silent and won’t spook your horse or interfere with normal routines.


Suitable for use with metered dose inhalers (MDIs).

Saves You…

On excess drug costs and administration time.

Flexineb Nebulizer Includes

This complete adult size system provides everything required, including:

• Standard flow Medication Cup
• Extension Cup
• Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) Adaptor
• Aerosol Holding Chamber
• Inlet & Exit Valve Kit
• Flexineb 3 Controller Kit
• Battery & Battery Connector Cable
• Flexineb 120 Volt Charger System
• Blue Soft Shell Mask & Mask Strap
• User’s Guide and Carrying Case

Cleaning Instructions

Please see the following documents for further information about how to clean Flexineb E3: click here.

Further Information Downloads

Flexineb® E3 Equine Nebulizer Brochure
Flexineb® E3 Instruction Manual
Flexineb® Particle Size
Importance of Particle Size
Med Cup Cleaning Instructions (in English & Spanish with pictures)
Nuclear Scintigraphy Study with Hagyard Equine Medical Institute
Using Your Flexineb in Winter

Warranty information

24 months, covering:

• Mask Assembly (excluding valves)
• Controller (excluding battery)
• Battery Connector Cable
• Charger

6 months: Battery
*Damage caused by improper handling or misuse is not covered by warranty.


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