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Bring us your problem, we'll provide the NATURAL solution.

Nature’s Animal Products is a solutions driven company helping to solve the complex problems of the horse’s health from conception to competition and into the twilight years. Our revolutionary, all natural products can play a crucial role in regulating the immune system and keeping the airway clean and healthy.

Our company was founded by a group of industry leaders, including veterinarians and equine researchers, who have each had years of personal success using our unique group of products. Our mission is to provide a natural and progressive solution to problems with the immune and respiratory systems. These products have no contraindications, and can therefore be used to treat acute issues in conjunction with veterinarian prescribed medications. They can also be used as part of a maintenance regimen to aid in the prevention of future problems whether your horse is in training, competing, traveling or happy at home. These products treat the root causes of so many problems by balancing the immune system, keeping allergies at bay and reducing mucus and inflammation in the airway.

We have carefully tailored treatment regimens that we are happy to discuss with you or your veterinarian to best suit your horse’s specific needs.

Co-founders of Nature's Animal Products

Kirsten Johnson

Kirsten Johnson

California native Kirsten Johnson is the founder and owner of KESMARC (Kentucky Equine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center) in Versailles, Kentucky.

With over 30 years of experience and a pioneer in the Equine Rehabilitation industry as well as a pioneer in Equine Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treating over 30,000 horses, Kirsten and her team has specialized in respiratory conditions of the horse.

Kirsten says – I have treated horses’ respiratory issues, complications of throat abnormalities, inflammation, and pre- and post-surgically and have never had the success I have now having using Nature’s Animal Products. I am so impressed that I became a part of this company. Whether it’s common allergies or a complicated pneumonia, bleeders, pre and post throat surgery, or a preventative treatment before and after shipping, treating sick foals and horses with compromised immune systems, this line of products has changed the game in terms of nebulizing and oral or throat spray. Don’t hesitate to call me personally if you have any questions on how to utilize this outstanding line of products.

Dr Robert Holland

Dr. Robert Holland

Known around the world as the person you call when you’re unsure about an equine infectious disease, Dr. Holland has helped to prevent and contain the spread of disease in many countries and jurisdictions. His practice focuses on respiratory disease, allergies, infectious disease, and also disinfection protocols for best practice in equine environments.

Focusing on diagnostics and treating with the right medication for a particular infection, Dr. Holland has had great success in saving time and trial-and-error which gets horses back to competition quicker.

Dr. Holland is well-known for solving cases that frustrate others by introducing many new therapies and diagnostics. Having had the unique opportunity to perform hundreds of endoscopic exams on horses at the racetrack during the sponging scare, he has an uncommon knowledge of equine throat anatomy which very few veterinarians share.

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Mississippi State College of Veterinary Medicine 1994
Doctor of Philosophy in Veterinary Medicine: Virology UK Gluck Equine Research Center, 2001

Dr Herbert Warren

Dr. Herbert Warren

Helping animals and people to achieve their highest possible quality of life has been one of the most satisfying part of Dr. Warren’s over 56 years of service in the equine industry, which has encompassed all facets of private Racetrack practice, breeding, training, rehabilitation, and research development. He has also been involved with the importation of horses from international markets.

Dr. Warren had full responsibility for the racing fitness and soundness of many champions and top-class horses including Triple Crown winner AFFIRMED, Champion ALYSHEBA, TURKOMAN, BOLD FORBES, GATE DANCER, OUTSTANDLINGLY, to name a few. Perhaps most notably, he bred the leading graded stakes-winning ($922,000) son of AFFIRMED, Canada Turf Champion CHARLEY BARLEY.

Dr. Warren also pioneered and developed many successful treatments in the equine industry, such as Lasix; the Aqua Tred System; the original PEMF unit, PAPIMI; and BioProArmour.


BS in Animal Husbandry, University of California at Davis 1957
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, University of California at Davis 1961

Mike Warren

Mike Warren

The love of horses was instilled in Mike at a very young age, being the son of an equine veterinarian.

Mike’s background has been comprised of owning and running two different companies. One company was in the packaging business and the other current company is a health and wellness company for humans.

When the opportunity presented itself to open a health and wellness business for animals the answer was obvious. Nature’s Animal Products, LLC was born.

Mike brings to the team his background of over 40 years in sales and marketing. For the last 10 years, he has been working side by side with his father Dr. Herbert Warren at local Southern California thoroughbred racetracks. Mike’s core belief that God has given our bodies the ability to heal themselves, carries over to horses and all animals.

Theresa Tierney

Theresa Tierney

Theresa Tierney has worked for over 20 years helping businesses build their web presence, specifically focusing on website development, digital marketing, ecommerce, online marketplaces, social media and product development.

Theresa, a native of New York State, lives in the West of Ireland where she shares a few acres with many creatures great and small, many of which were rescued. She has spent much of her life learning about nutrition and herbal medicine, which have helped to keep her family and animals in her care fit and healthy.